Micas Simulations Limited

The Company

Micas Simulations Limited (formelly Micas Services Limited) who commenced trading in 1977 supplying software for the Forging Industry. Having vast experience in numerical simulation and manufacturing industry it also takes part in different research projects and contributes the software development related to metal forming technology.
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QForm v8

The new program QForm v8 has got even more great features, novel simulation methods and fascinating options comparing to QForm 7. It offers a well-balanced combination of high performance, flexibility, speed and accuracy with a quick learning curve for new inexperienced users while allowing for profound analysis capabilities for the most advanced users and researchers.
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QForm-Extrusion is a special-purpose program for aluminium profile extrusion simulation and optimisation. The program has an excellent interface for preparing the source geometry and performing the simulation. QForm-Extrusion provides the information about the material flow during profile extrusion, of the profile shape, load, temperature and strain distribution depending on technological parameters and die design. The software is very effective for industrial implementation by die makers and/or profiles producers to reduce their development time and cost.
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